Use your imagination and think who would be willing to buy my particular estate jewelry and reach out to them. Consignment generally consists of a contract for the amount the jewelry will sell for and the percentage the store will keep. Some contracts have a time limit and who is liable if it is lost or damaged. You must know the details of the contract to understand what will and will not happen. Some stores will pay immediately, others pay after a set time or when you call. Find out what the process is if the store closes or moves.

One of the first things you need to do when selling jewelry online is choose a niche. Do you want to focus on a certain material, such as gold or silver? As you grow you can start to implement paid marketing strategies, like Google Ads. But when you’re first starting out, it’s a better idea to take advantage of all the free marketing strategies at your disposal, and social media marketing is an absolute must. Which platforms will be more successful for your business depends largely upon which platforms your audience engages with the most. It can be useful to ask other jewelry designers about trustworthy wholesale suppliers; otherwise, put in a little elbow grease and research, research, research.

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Develop a marketing strategy

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On one end, you see something you’re sure will trend, only for it to arrive, and the photos you saw online were clickbait. What you get instead is items made of poor quality. Years ago, the trends and standards of Chinese fashion jewelry may have been different from what was experienced in other parts of the world.

Online Wholesale Marketplaces

Once you know the type of jewelry you want to sell and the audience you want to attract, it’s time to look into the competition. Research their pricing, offers, social media channels and social commerce strategy, reviews, and press coverage, to find out how you can gain a competitive advantage. You’ll want to take note on what competitors are doing so you can and look for ways to further differentiate your product. A single piece of costume jewelry should be priced affordably, anywhere between $1 to $100. A great example is BaubleBar, one of the biggest online brands for affordable jewelry.

Most jewelry suppliers have a per-piece minimum instead of a dollar amount like $1000. You’ll also need to set a per-piece MOQ for each style or color of a particular product – for example, 4 minimum pieces in one color of earrings. But since most retailers buy in bulk, you can make up for the lower prices. This means you need to set a Minimum Order Quantity to make an order worthwhile for you. However, the MOQ you set should also make sense for the store buying from you. When designing your jewelry line to sell wholesale, make sure your collection looks cohesive. Many factories have ready-made designs that you can order from.

Here is the process of outsourced jewelry casting

Quality and turnaround time is easier to control, but expenses are greater due to an internal need for employee salaries, equipment, and supplies. I have found that showing both will help you the most, and will help the jewelry dealer appraise the jewelry quickly and efficiently. Since the dealer will be doing his or her own evaluation of the jewelry, any additional information you can provide is helpful. Hopefully that helps, and please feel free to ask any follow up questions. Unfortunately, pearls are very tricky to appraise without seeing them in person. However, if I had to guess based on what you’ve told me and assuming the pearls themselves are undamaged, they could be as low as $100 to as high as $350.

Here are a few wholesale marketplaces to explore that cater to the handmade/maker community. And since you are doing the legwork, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees or trade show fees or commissions. This makes you look professional and helps you keep track of order details. You can easily create an order form in Microsoft Word or Google docs. Include your policies on the order form so the store owner can easily reference them.